Honor a Veteran

North Brevard Funeral Home is conveniently located only 12minutes away from Florida’s newest National Cemetery. Our funeral directors ourexperts in Veterans Benefits and will assist the family with every detail.

Our comfortable and well-appointed funeral home is theperfect place for a religious service and celebration of life and since we arelocated so close we can seamlessly arrange a procession to Cape CanaveralNational Cemetery for the burial of the casket or urn immediately following theservices.

The VA provides for all eligible veterans a ground space orcolumbarium niche for the veteran and his or her spouse if applicable, amonument, the opening and closing of the grave or niche, a standard graveliner, and perpetual care.

Military honors can be provided by the active duty funeraldetails of the veteran’s branch of service or by the local VFW and AmericanLegion Honor Guards. 

Those who serve in the Military do a great honor to our country—and as such, they deserve to be honored themselves. One way to honor our veterans is to pay proper respects to them as they pass away, something that may look different from one family to the next. We are available to work with military families to develop memorial services that truly celebrate the life and service of deceased veterans—whether that means a full military service or an intimate family gathering.

The Benefits of Veteran Services

Military services are not just significant ways to honor our nation’s heroes—there are other benefits, as well:

  • A flag is provided, at no cost, to drape over the casket or to place alongside the urn. 
  • Headstone markers or medallions can be obtained from the Department of Veterans Affairs at no cost. 
  • Families may receive the Presidential Memorial Certificate, signed by the current Commander in Chief. 
  • Military services can be held in either private or military funerals.

Funeral Honors Ceremony

One common way to honor deceased veterans is with the Funeral Honors Ceremony, in which the flag is folded and presented to surviving family members while Taps is played. At least two Funeral Honors detail members—that is, Armed Forces members—are present for this. Different levels of Funeral Honors exist depending on the rank of the veteran. Our staff is available to help arrange these details on your loved one’s behalf.

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