Burial / Cremation Services

The desire to commemorate the lives of lost loved ones is universal—but the ways for doing so can be varied. Some families prefer to have memorial services that are solemn and respectful, while others prefer celebration-of-life services that are more cathartic in their nature. It is important to us that our clients receive support in whatever ways they need, for whatever kinds of end-of-life services they wish to create. We offer a number of different burial and cremation services that can be tailored to meet the preferences of each family.


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Burial Services

Burial services at North Brevard Funeral Home are likenon-other. Our funeral directors are all well trained in the ways of ourfounder Jimmie Prevatt and his business partner Lamar Hudgins. Jimmie and Lamarare retired but still assist David, Eric and Courtney with families in theirtime of need. Every detail from obituaries, clergy, military honors,pallbearers and cemetery arrangements will receive special attention in thedelivery of a perfect reflection of your loved one life, faith andcontributions to the community. Burial services start at $1995

Burying a loved one is always an emotional experience. The nature of the service itself can be modified in accordance with the deceased’s wishes, or with the general preferences of the family. We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to our burial services, but rather we create the kind of mood that families request—while ensuring that, regardless of the particulars, each burial service is intimate, affirming, and beautiful.

Some specific burial options include:

  • Graveside funeral services, which can include involvement from a religious leader, masonic rites, military ritual, or readings from family members.
  • Committal services, in which loved ones gather to commit a loved one to the Earth—a symbolic gesture of healing.
  • Immediate burials, for families who have a sudden and unexpected need to bury a loved one.

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Cremation Services

North Brevard Funeral Home is a pioneer in cremation. Wehave operated our own crematory since 1980. Cremations are overseen on site bythe funeral directors that make the arrangements with our client families. Theloved ones that are in our care never have to leave our facility for any reasonand are always attended to by our well trained staff. Cremation services startat $895.

Cremation services, like burial services, look different from one family to the next, but always provide a meaningful way to honor a deceased loved one. We work with families to ensure cremation services that are in line with their beliefs, values, and wishes. We also provide family members with different options for preserving and honoring the cremated remains of their loved one—including urns, Columbariums, cremation grave markers, and more. Options are also available to place cremated remains alongside cherished mementos—such as photographs—or even within cremation benches or rocks.

Whatever kind of service you choose, we want to ensure that it fulfills all the wishes of your family and your deceased loved one. Please contact us to discuss these options further.

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