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Allow us to take care of your expression of sympathy

  • Buy direct from our local area florist and save on wire service fees
  • No need to enter our funeral home address, nor the service details - our order system already knows this
  • Just pick out the flowers, add your message and pay online. Your order is immediately sent to our local flower shop
  • We retain a copy of your order so we know that your flowers are on their way

Arrangements that include an item that the family can keep long after the flowers die to remind them of their loved one.

Larger style bouquets appropriate for the service.

Plants to send to the service and the family to take home after the service.

Arrangements appropriate to send to the service and the family take home afterwards.

Family appropriate sprays for the top of the casket. Floral bouquets to compliment an urn or picture for a celebration of life.

Seasonal silk memorial arrangement to be left graveside.

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